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Artmod Terms of Use


Artmod takes your privacy seriously.

With this kind of sensitive data, it is important that you understand that artmod makes every effort to make sure your details are never compromised. At no time can any ordinary user obtain any information that will allow them to contact you except through this web-site (ie your e-mail and phone will never be given out, but users of the site can send you messages through the site). If at any time you want to stop getting messages, you can simply delete your account from the server.

Furthermore, no information on this site will be used to spam you. You may receive e-mails regarding the proper functioning of the site from time to time, but these will be kept to a minimum.

Having said this, administrators of the site can easily view any details you provide (except passwords, which are encrypted). It is also possible that hackers could obtain these details, although we actively work to prevent this.

Content - Text and Images

All content of the site must be related to art and art modeling. Any other content can be removed without warning by the artmod editorial team. As such you agree to your content being removed or edited by the artmod editorial team.

Text or images on the site cannot be sexually explicit or sexually suggestive. Click on those terms if you do not understand what they mean.

All images or text which is deemed to be in violation of these conditions will be removed from the site. Repeated use of such content will lead to your removal from the site. The final word on whether content breaks the terms of use belongs to the artmod editorial team. As such you agree to your content being removed or edited by the artmod editorial team.

Subscriptions and payment

All payments are final. Subscriptions are handled through your paypal account. To terminate a subscription, you must do so through your paypal account. Artmod does not have access to your paypal account.

Because artmod does not have access to your paypal account, we cannot accept responsibilty for failure to terminate a subscription in a timely manner. All payments are processed automatically and will activate your account.

There is no trial period on artmod. Subscriptions are final. Your subscription can be terminated at any time and the remainder of the subscription will remain active.

All payments are final.

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