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A Guide for Life Models

Life modeling is an amazing experience. Just as an artist finds inspiration before a model, so a model can find inspiration before an artist. I have heard models say that they find it boosts their self-esteem, that they enjoy being turned into art. Having been a model myself, I do enjoy the works that have been inspired by me.

The artist and model relationship is also very important, and most artists and models will search far and wide for a relationship which is mutually beneficial. I don't believe any artists regard models as objects to be represented. In many paintings, the particular nature of the artist model relationship is clearly visible.

This page should serve as a guide to help models and artists know what and what not to do.


I don't like having to write about safety, because I think it scares people off. Modeling is safe by and large, but just as with any other venture, common sense is important so:

  • Meet in a public place. This will keep things on the level
  • Tell someone where you're going and when you expect to be back.
  • Ask to see the artist's work. Artists at Artmod can put up samples of their work. You can gauge the professionalism of an artist this way and also what kind of poses might be expected. Of course, some artists are shy about exhibiting their work, so use your discretion
  • Ask for references, especially from other models.

Most importanly: make sure you are completely comfortable before you commit.


There is no 'pay rate' for models. Typically, expect from £15 to £20 pounds per hour. If you have to travel, you may be reimbursed for this as well. If your image is to be used for anything that will be published, you must authorize this and you can expect a good deal more money. Always discuss pay and what is expected before you begin a job.


Artists are human beings and should respect the fact that holding any poses, even basic standing poses, becomes tiring. However, most artists get caught up in their work and need to be reminded that it's time for a break. You should simply let them know so they can mark your position and continue after a break. You should expect 10 minutes of break time per hour (and this is normally paid).

The types of poses you will need to do depends on the artist. Most artists enjoy creativity on the part of the model, so feel free to experiment. If they want something different, they'll ask. Don't worry about posing too much, but you can certainly look up 'classical' poses for your repertoire.

Sexual tension

Well, it goes with the territory. Sexual excitation is common when faced with naked people. Some artists exploit this tension in their work, but this is a distinct area of art called 'erotic' art. You may also want to explore this tension, but you must always draw the line. Just as in any other relationship, the artist and model relationship must begin at a distance and remain so until a certain level of comfort has been reached. This makes for a better working relationship and a better world in general.

Enjoy yourself

Some of my models are my best friends and most trusted confidants. I hope this site inspires you to open your mind and your heart.

Daniel Kanaan - Artmod founder

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