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Artmod is a vibrant, safe, and inclusive community of Artists and Models.

We started in 2005, and since then Artmod has quietly grown to include thousands of people around the world. Artmod is intuitive and easy to use, allowing members to find each other and build working relationships. Furthermore, Artmod is dedicated to the privacy and safety of its members.

Artmod is committed to improving lives: We have improved working conditions and pay for the thousands of people that have been our members over the years. We have focussed on health and safety of our members as our top priority.


Welcome to Artmod! Here you can sign up as a model and get work from artists looking for models. Your contact information always remains private. All communication is strictly through the site. All work requests and messages are logged to prevent abuse. If you choose to accept the work, it is up to you to contact the artist.

Looking for work as a model? Browse the work notices that have already been submitted by Artists.


As an artmod member you can browse other members of artmod. You can communicate with them individually, or send out a work request to other members. If they choose to accept the request, they can contact you. Your information always remains private.


Enjoy Artmod! And if you have any questions, use the contact form to get in touch.

Daniel Kanaan, artmod founder

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