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Female - Massachusetts, United States

I have been a muse for the past six years. I have an extensive resume, and have worked with many different artists across the Boston and surrounding areas. A nudist, I enjoy being a part of the creative process, and seeing all the different interpretations of my features. I have prided myself on...


Female - Louisiana, United States


Female - United States

b.a. degree in dance, teach yoga, have modeled for art classes for over ten years

by Angela Birchall Lincoln 17-6-17


Female - UK-Other, United Kingdom

I'm a dynamic, expressive and reliable artists’ model regularly working for universities, FE colleges, schools and art groups across the Midlands region and beyond and am particularly interested in hearing from groups or individual artists in Highland Scotland.  I work in...


Female - England, United Kingdom

A mature model 38, 28, 34. Long dark hair, fair skin, no blemishes, no tattoos, brown eyes, slim build, athletic, fit and into yoga, 58 years of age yet look younger due to Chinese mixed heritage. Looking for understanding photographer for this new model seeking to explore her darker side.

Kew shoot


Female - England, United Kingdom

Im available for figure drawing, a painting, sculpture, also tasteful only, photo shoots. I am experienced. 

B&W seated nude, side-on, A. McNaughton


Female - England, United Kingdom

Jessica is a relaxed and friendly life-model with many years of experience. As a beginner, she auditioned successfully at Islington Arts Factory in the early 2000's, and has since undertaken a significant variety of jobs, including private sessions, adult education, secondary schools and 6th...



Female - England, United Kingdom

Hello! Currently 8 months pregnant and looking for art modelling opportunities that make the most of the largest  few weeks of this temporarilly round and wonderous body :-)  All ideas welcomed.

Alex 1

Alessandra feedback rating(1)

Female - Italy

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it" S. Dali' Professional and experienced Art Life Model, with a fashion background; within my experience there is Life Drawing / Painting / Sculpturing for single and classes, Body Painting and Photography. I have been modelling since 2005, both...



Female - England, United Kingdom

I have been modelling in London since 1986.I enjoy modelling because of the wide variety of situations you find yourself in.I have modelled at the Slade,the Royal Academy,a wide range of Adult and Further Education Institutes,schools and for private artists.


Female - United Kingdom


Female - United Kingdom

I am a Black female in late 20s. I have modelled for life drawing classes on a few occasions and feel comfortable and natural while doing so.


Female - United Kingdom


Female - United Kingdom


Female - Canada

I have been a life model in England (uk) for 6 years. Modeling at colleges and private reputable evening classes. Im looking for life modeling work in Toronto while here on a 1 year working holiday visa.


Female - United Kingdom


Female - United Kingdom

I am currently studying my art and design foundation degree to later go on to do a fashion photography degree. I have not done any life modelling before but have model for friends photos and paintings. I am avaliable in the evenings and weekends and the occasional weekday!


Female - United Kingdom

23yo female model. I am a fit and curvacious model. I am a trained actor and acrobat with poise and flexability. I have modeled for many respected artists in both Sydney and London.



Female - United Kingdom

I am very still, creative and enjoy what Im doing. Have been modelling for the past 4 years for art schools, private tutors and artists mainly in Edinburgh and Granada(Spain).


Female - United Kingdom


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