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Staci   pro

Female - England, United Kingdom

I’m an artsy girl who loves to be drawn.  From the USA, came to London to see how people live here.  I’m tall and slim.  I’m good at holding poses a long time, and I think I’m pretty easy/fun to work with! I am comfortable being drawn clothed,...


Puy   pro

Female - England, United Kingdom

I am an artist with my own studio in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. I have enjoyed drawing and painting male and female life models in different settings, and I am currently looking for models for future life drawing classes. Please get in touch for a chat, and to see if you'd like to come to my...

Masked figure

Lisa   pro

Female - England, United Kingdom

I am an extremely experienced and popular life and photographic model. I have a strong, slim but very curvy figure (size 10), and a serene madonnalike face. My eyes are blue-grey and I have long streaked dark blonde hair. I love dynamic poses but can hold any pose quietly and easily.

Lady in blue by Lightingman

Camellia   pro feedback rating(15)

Female - England, United Kingdom

Hi...... I'm Camellia, an experienced artists' & fine art photographic model with a fashion & fine art background. I'm currently on a pause from modelling and plan to resume come Summer 2019.



Female - Massachusetts, United States

I have been a muse for the past six years. I have an extensive resume, and have worked with many different artists across the Boston and surrounding areas. A nudist, I enjoy being a part of the creative process, and seeing all the different interpretations of my features. I have prided myself on...



Female - California, United States

Hi I'm Shay! 


Female - Illinois, United States


Female - Louisiana, United States


Female - California, United States

Photoshoot by the water


Female - Washington, United States

I'm an amatuer model. I have a little experience, but not much. I am willing to model in any setting.


Female - United States

b.a. degree in dance, teach yoga, have modeled for art classes for over ten years


Female - England, United Kingdom

I am an artist who runs Life Drawing Classes in Newbury, Berkshire RG14 and in Herne Hill, London SE24. I am urgently looking for life models for my Newbury evening class.  I pay travel from Swindon, Reading and Oxford areas PLease get in touch for further details

work in progress


Female - England, United Kingdom

I'm an artist currently working in London, and have just graduated from University College London. I paint on a large scale, and I'm always seeking models to be part of projects I'm working on. 

Sharon Smithers


Female - England, United Kingdom

I am a life model and worked as one for 20 years,professionally too, i have woked in Art colleges in Canterbury UCA and Christ Church university of Art and Design, there is a picture of me on their website, thoroughly enjoy modelling. Cycling . I am on too.

Kew shoot


Female - England, United Kingdom

I am new to Life Modelling, would like to gain more experience.



Female - England, United Kingdom

Singer Songwriter/Model/Dancer... Open for experimenting, collaborating, engaging and expanding with others who are curious about the transformation through time, the ever revealing "now", allowing oneself to adapt, learn and transform through ones experiences. A lover of spontaneous...

bellydance performance


Female - England, United Kingdom

Model and performer since 2004. Experience: photo model (beauty, fashion, alternative, glamour, artistic), life drawing, body painting; alternative fashion shows; belly dance performances at various restaurants, clubs and events.

Copyright © Henri Senders.

Fawnya feedback rating(1)

Female - England, United Kingdom

B&W seated nude, side-on, A. McNaughton


Female - England, United Kingdom

Jessica is a relaxed and friendly life-model with many years of experience. As a beginner, she auditioned successfully at Islington Arts Factory in the early 2000's, and has since undertaken a significant variety of jobs, including private sessions, adult education, secondary schools and 6th...

Alex 1

Alessandra feedback rating(1)

Female - Italy

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it" S. Dali' Professional and experienced Art Life Model, with a fashion background; within my experience there is Life Drawing / Painting / Sculpturing for single and classes, Body Painting and Photography. I have been modelling since 2005, both...


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