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Male - Indiana, United States

Suit and bowtie


Male - New York, United States

33 year old Black man. Long Dreadlocks, caramel skin tone. Tattoos. Ex athlete looking to get started in the world of Art

Photoshoot by the water


Female - Washington, United States

I'm an amatuer model. I have a little experience, but not much. I am willing to model in any setting.

muscular male art model available


Male - Florida, United States


Male - California, United States


Female - New York, United States

Im In need of new inspirations, but I know sometimes you need to inspire to be inspired.  Im 19 years old,Dominican and Saudi Arabian. I'm athletic but a lil camera shy. 

Westport waterfront


Male - Connecticut, United States



Female - New York, United States


Male - Louisiana, United States

I'm an amatuer figure model, just turned 60, am comfortable with individual artists, groups, classroom posing, or open sessions. I have some experience, but not much. I prefer to pose nude only, it's more comfortable. Willing to pose semi-locally (no more than 50 mile radius) without charge in...

posing with flowers

Cece feedback rating(1)

Female - California, United States

I am an artist from Orange County, CA, with a BA in Studio Art from University of California, Irvine. During my college years I've collaborated with many other artists, such as "acting" in experimental films and modeling clothing for a fashion designer friend. I moved to NYC in 2011,...



Male - Arizona, United States

Lake Shoot


Male - California, United States



Male - Mississippi, United States


Male - California, United States

I am a photographer at heart, but  I need a change in perspective and be on the other side of the canvas/camera in order to grow as an artist. 

Sunday afternoon in the sun.


Male - California, United States

Hi, I started modeling for art for a year now in the Los Angeles Arts District. I has been an empowering experience in seeing my form on the artists canvas come together. I have been an artist myself before I started modeling so I am familiar with life on both sides of the canvas.

Blue Bob


Male - Illinois, United States

Male model in the Chicago area with experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and even a feature film. My art model bucket-list still has body painting and body casting unticked. 


Female - Georgia, United States

pose 3


Male - New York, United States

I don't have much modelling experience, I'm currently studying as a sculpture major,  but I'd love to get into it more. I can hold poses well, and I love the process. 

2 Headshots


Male - New York, United States

The reason I want to post my information for Artmod is that I bumped into this website prior to signing in order to give it a try to pursue modeling employment. Reason: I read that it's the best source of information for artist to find models for bookings. To represent this company in...



Male - Kentucky, United States

Hello. I'm Andy. I worked regularly as a model for drawing groups and art classes in the San Francisco bay area and Northern CA area.


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