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Male - Arkansas, United States


Male - California, United States


Female - New York, United States

Im In need of new inspirations, but I know sometimes you need to inspire to be inspired.  Im 19 years old,Dominican and Saudi Arabian. I'm athletic but a lil camera shy. 

Westport waterfront


Male - Connecticut, United States



Female - New York, United States


Male - Louisiana, United States

I'm an amatuer figure model, just turned 60, am comfortable with individual artists, groups, classroom posing, or open sessions. I have some experience, but not much. I prefer to pose nude only, it's more comfortable. Willing to pose semi-locally (no more than 50 mile radius) without charge in...

posing with flowers

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Female - California, United States

I am an artist from Orange County, CA, with a BA in Studio Art from University of California, Irvine. During my college years I've collaborated with many other artists, such as "acting" in experimental films and modeling clothing for a fashion designer friend. I moved to NYC in 2011,...



Male - Arizona, United States

Lake Shoot


Male - California, United States



Male - Mississippi, United States


Male - California, United States

I am a photographer at heart, but  I need a change in perspective and be on the other side of the canvas/camera in order to grow as an artist. 

Sunday afternoon in the sun.


Male - California, United States

Hi, I started modeling for art for a year now in the Los Angeles Arts District. I has been an empowering experience in seeing my form on the artists canvas come together. I have been an artist myself before I started modeling so I am familiar with life on both sides of the canvas.

Blue Bob


Male - Illinois, United States

Male model in the Chicago area with experience in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, and even a feature film. My art model bucket-list still has body painting and body casting unticked. 


Female - Georgia, United States

pose 3


Male - New York, United States

I don't have much modelling experience, I'm currently studying as a sculpture major,  but I'd love to get into it more. I can hold poses well, and I love the process. 


Male - Pennsylvania, United States


Male - California, United States

2 Headshots


Male - New York, United States

The reason I want to post my information for Artmod is that I bumped into this website prior to signing in order to give it a try to pursue modeling employment. Reason: I read that it's the best source of information for artist to find models for bookings. To represent this company in...

Steve Brown Photography

Tiana La Lobita

Male - Texas, United States

The Wonderer


Male - Indiana, United States


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